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60 cc catheter tip syring
efeeding tube
KMR or Eukanuba milk replacement formula


Warm the reconstituted milk replacer to body temperature.  Measure the tube by holding it against the animal’s body.  With the end of the tube at the last rib mark the tube at the nose with a piece of tape.  Position the animal on their stomach with their head in a normal position.  Insert the tube gently into their mouth, angle it downward and apply slow pressure to allow the animal to swallow the tube.  Gently pass the tube to the marked point.  To make sure that you are in the stomach and not in the lungs listen to the tube, you should not hear any breathing.  Next attach the syringe and slowly inject the milk replacer.  If the animal starts to cough or if the milk replacer comes out of its nose remove the tube and reinsert it into the stomach.

To determine the amount to be fed follow instructions on the milk replacer container.  Remember to divide the total amounts by the number of feedings.  During the first week of life puppies and kittens should be fed about every 4 hours!  In general:

AGE (weeks)  

DOSAGE (ml/100 grams of body wt/day)

1   13
2   17
3   20
4   22

Once the kitten or puppy has gained some strength you may try bottle feeding them.  At 3 weeks of age you can begin gradually mixing the milk replacer with a high quality kitten food to transition them onto solid food and end your role as surrogate mom!

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